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Dee Ann worked for me in my office plus she has worked in the County Clerks office in Lampasas and another County..  I have no doubt she can do the job as County Clerk for Lampasas County.  She is very qualified for this position and will be a very good Clerk for the Citizens because she cares about this County.  I support her because I know she will do her best to be the best Clerk she can be.

Thank You and please Vote Dee Ann Crawford.

Terri Cox

— Terri Cox
Retired District Clerk Lampasas county

DeeAnn Crawford is a kind, caring and trustworthy person has the experience and well-defined skills for the office of Lampasas County Clerk. She will conduct the duties of the office with enthusiasm, confidence and reliability. — Rebecah McDonald
Retired School Counselor

I enthusiastically endorse Dee Ann for County Clerk. She demonstrates the qualities and exhibits the hard work and dedication required for the job. Her experience also has prepared her for the task of managing a complex setting. Dee Ann’s character is beyond reproach and I am honored to call her my friend. Mark Sneed — Mark Sneed

Dee Ann Crawford will make an excellent county clerk for Lampasas County. — Blake Powell

I would like to fully endorse Dee Ann Crawford for Lampasas County Clerk. I was her supervisor when she worked at the Denton County Clerk’s Office, in the Probate and Mental Health Department. She was an impeccable employee; always establishing great relationships with the Judges, Court Staff, Attorneys and most importantly our citizens. She will be an asset to Lampasas County, as the County Clerk. — Rena Garza
General Manger

I highly recommend Dee Ann Crawford as Lampasas County Clerk. She has experience working in that office and now works in the district clerk's office. She has the experience, knowledge and is able to get the job done. The transition would be extremely smooth. She is familiar with all the aspects of the job and how the office runs. She is efficient and dependable. She will be on the job herself working and overseeing that every part of the office runs smoothly. She believes in getting involved with the work from the bottom up. Dee Ann is the best candidate for the job. She cares about everyone. She is familiar with court proceedings and legal documents and the filing of such. She is a hard worker and is loyal. She understands about the necessity of being discreet and would see that her office also maintains a confidential atmosphere. I worked with Dee Ann as an employee in another office in the county. I was always impressed on her ability to handle situations and questions that arose. She is a very professional lady. She is friendly and willing to help. I cannot say enough good about this candidate. Make her your choice for Lampasas County Clerk. — Carol Palmer Schramke

Dee Ann is a a very loving and strong person. She has a heart for service and the applicable experience to make her a fantastic County Clerk. Dee Ann processed our passport applications at the District Clerks Office. She was very professional and courteous. She was terrific with my 3y/o son, and got a great picture for his passport, which is no small feat. — Joshua Brown

You are very well qualified for any county office! Any job you undertook would be lucky to have you Dee Ann ! — Shirley Crumley

Dee Ann is a true leader with the knowledge of the County Clerk's office to walk in on day one and perform the job.  She has extensive experience in a digital environment and can make the upgrades needed.   — Randy Crawford
Frank Carrasco
Kattie Costello
Evelyn Bench
Randy Crawford
Beth White
Dennis Walker
Marilyn Estlack
Mark Richards
Jerry Anstey

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