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Case Management Systems

Tyler Technologies Odyssey - Take some time to read through this website to see exactly what a case management is and how it works and why it is so important to the office.

Case Management System - Tyler Technologies Odyssey

What is a case management system and why is it important to the County Clerk’s Office?

               A case management system is a computer program that keeps track of the clerk’s records in a secure and cost efficient way.   It is important to understand how a case management system works and why it is important to select one that provides everything the court needs in a single program.  With the correct case management system, there is no need to have multiple programs to help digitalize the clerk’s office.  During my time as a Deputy clerk, I have worked with two case management systems. I have used Odyssey and E-doc, and both these systems will be able to provide the clerk’s office with everything it needs to have one secure and efficient case management system.

              The link above displays the case management system that would be available to the County Clerk’s office via a grant from the State of Texas. I worked with this case management system during my time at the Denton County Clerk’s office. The software is fully integrated with the E-filing program that clerks and attorneys are required to use. 


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